EXO’s D.O. close-up album cover for his first mini album Empathy

A good friend of mine describes being an k-pop idol as “the life of a dog.” I can only think about this when it comes to idols getting trapped in images related to their group that the label has come up with for profit sake. It’s hard to tell what is true: what is the artist in question and what is the marketing ploy?

I say all this to say that the incredibly talented D.O. …

The 2PM ‘Must’ album cover featuring the members in black and white with red font.

Second generation k-pop fans, a title referring to k-pop fans who got into k-pop between 2009 and 2013 (argue about it in the comments if you want) have been recently treated to a resurgence of many groups who debuted and gained popularity during that golden era. With the surge of Brave Girl’s “Rollin” on the charts and SHINee’s delightful treats of “Don’t Call Me” and “Atlantis,” many of us wondered what JYP would serve with 2PM’s post-conscription hiatus album.

After the sultriness of “Grown” and “Gentleman’s Game,” 2PM continues their dedication to the grown-and-sexy sound with jazz heavy “Must.”


I have watched too much socialist and communist tiktok at this point. I know because I can’t do any job in the future now that might mean potentially exploiting people.

This is all I’m thinking about these days after meeting with a pair of financial advisors that my sister found through the recommendation of her friends. The advisors are Black and very successful at what they have really only been doing for the past few years.

They describe a life that seems simple enough to enter now that we’ve become homeowners. …

Today is the kind of day where I find it extremely hard to want to work. The anxiety around work, money, productivity, scrutiny, and all of that, is on fire. In fact, it threatened to swallow me whole today as I listed off the bills that I will have to take over with my sister since my dad died.

Now would be a great time for the Ohio Family Jobs Services to stop playing around and give me the money they keep denying me for… reasons?

The title of this blog is related to the fact that I recently had…

A man finishing breakfast in black and white

CW/TW — parental death, mental illness, suicide, childhood sexual assault, emotional abuse

My dad is dying.

That’s all I can think when I see the skinny legs that he’s covered with layers of sweatpants and jeans, hanging limply in front of him as he sits on the ground of our driveway. His brand new walker, all shiny metal in the darkness of an Ohio winter night, is standing next to him. He’s lost the ability to walk recently due to numbness in his legs. The doctors don’t know why.

There’s a sense of tragedy that I know should be there…

Today I woke up and the entire house smelled like shit.

It was about 2AM or 4AM, I forget, as these days I am back to my habit of sleeping in two hour intervals and waking up with the concern that my father has died in his sleep. Not this time though. Instead he’s in the bathroom and the entire house smells like shit because he pooped on himself and in the process of cleaning himself off, he got the poop on the shower curtain.

I guess I should be happy as that’s an improvement from the time I found…

Doctors are considered some of the smartest people in the world because of the amount of information they have to store at any given time in their brain. They have to store that information and be able to quickly recall it. Some information is easily accessed because it happens a lot: colds, flu, minor body aches, broken bones, open wounds, signs of cancer, heart failure, lung failure, diabetes, etc.

If you wind up caregiving for someone with a rare disease like neuromyelitis optica, you’re just lucky I guess.

My father was diagnosed with NMO toward the end of 2019, just…

My dad is an addict, but his choice of drug is completely legal and consumed by millions of people every day.

Sugary soda. Or pop, if you’re from the Midwest.

My dad drinks water only to take his medication. Otherwise, he sips from a giant canteen — a gift I got him for one of his birthdays — filled with Dr. Pepper and ice. He claims that the ice in the Dr. Pepper is his water intake.

Yeah. You read that right. My dad drinks soda all day and perhaps maybe 16 oz of water to go with it. So…

Though many have made the case for increased visibility of Slave narratives, it is perhaps equally important that Black narratives not explicitly about racism and slavery are experienced. The necessity for a diversity within narratives about Black people serve to further dissipate the racist view of Black people as a monolith of negative stereotypes. And it also gives Black people a chance to watch narratives about themselves without being reminded of the pain of racism.

Moonlight (2016)

This Academy Award winning film directed by Barry Jenkins follows the story of Chiron as he grapples with his identity and queerness in…

My father, in his prime, was an extremely dedicated homeowner. And yet when I look around the house, I have to ask myself what was the point of this level of consumerism? Why are there 11 different TVs in a house where no one but him lived until this year? Why did he remodel the patio area into a somewhat enclosed seating area with four different space heaters, a speaker, a cable box, and you guessed it — a TV!

The level of consumerism is just so absurd considering his identity as a sole person in a house where all…

Tara Edwards


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